Visit for Student Advocates

    Hello! Thank you for your interest in visiting Berea College as a Student Advocate! Student Advocates are not students, but are adults who are advocates for students. Typically we see High School Counselors, College Coaches, CBOs that serve youth, and similar professionals for these visits. You have great relationships with your students and these visits are targeted specifically with you in mind. The hope is that if you know more about Berea College, you can go home after your visit and tell your students about all of our wonderful opportunities. Please complete the form below and someone from our Campus Visits Team will contact you to complete your visit registration.

    We’re looking for students with grit, determination and financial need. Students ready to take on a rigorous, top-ranked liberal arts education and turn it into a rewarding career. Students willing to work, to grow, and to expand their horizons through diversity. And students who want to join a community of support that is invested in their success.

    Please note that there are financial eligibility requirements that all students must meet to be able to be considered for admission. Before planning your trip, become familiar with these so that you can determine if your students will meet these requirements. More information can be found here:

    If you are interested in bringing students with you to visit, do not complete this form, but instead find more information here:
    Have you reviewed the financial eligibility requirements for Berea College and do the majority or your students fit this profile?
    Have you reviewed the financial eligibility requirements for Berea College and do the majority or your students fit this profile?
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address
    We are happy to offer up to $250 in travel reimbursement funds to help cover your expenses to and from campus. Your visit will include the following:
    • Night before the visit in a local hotel (on us)
    • Breakfast (with someone from Admissions depending on availability, also on us.)
    • Information Session & Campus Tour with Current Students
    • Lunch in our Dining Hall (on us)
    • Two additional on-campus specialized visits. Pick two from the list below.

    Black Cultural Center

    Specifically supports Black/African American Students with programming, classes, groups, mentoring, and 1:1 support

    Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

    Specifically supports Appalachian students with programming specifically focused on Appalachian history, traditions, and culture. Programs are open to everyone on campus

    Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education

    Supports all of campus with programming related our commitment to Interracial Education

    Espacio Cultural Latinx

    Specifically supports Hispanic/Latino Students with programming and mentoring. All programs are open to all of campus.

    bell hooks Center

    Supports campus with LGBTQIA+ programming and care.

    Campus Christian Center

    Supports campus with Christian and non-Christian forms of spiritual and religious programming, counseling, and care.

    Center for Transformative Learning

    Supports Faculty & Students through library and additional resources. Students have access to the Writing Center for help with writing essays, research papers, etc.

    Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service (CELTS)

    Supports students in their desire to embrace service to others as a large part of their learning experience. CELTS oversees our Bonner Scholar Program (the first in the nation) and develops Service Leaders.

    Center for International Education

    Supports all of campus with learning about countries and cultures through on-campus programming and traveling study opportunities. Also supports international students enrolled at Berea.


    Meet with Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Student Athletes who are part of our NCAA III programs

    Campus Life/Residential Life

    Learn more about what Living on Berea's campus is like

    Counseling Services

    Learn more about how our counselors counsel, guide, and support our students with their mental health.

    Disability & Accessibility Services

    Supports making living, learning, and working on our campus accessible to every student